Harnessing AI for Culinary Excellence

Revolutionizing Recipe Management with CalcMenu  

AI-led Solutions 

At EGS Enggist & Grandjean Software (EGS), the focus isn't just on creating a recipe management software—it's about revolutionizing the entire culinary management experience.

CalcMenu is our testament to that commitment, integrating advanced AI capabilities for elevated recipe management, recipe improvement, as well as sophisticated menu creation and planning.

Our ongoing dedication to AI research and development ensures that CalcMenu remains at the forefront of technological advancements, continuously evolving to meet and exceed your most complex culinary challenges.

Rest assured, we have an exciting pipeline of AI enhancements aimed to make your culinary operations not just efficient but also intuitively intelligent. CalcMenu isn't just a software; it's your AI-powered culinary assistant for the future.

AI Capabilities on CalcMenu Cloud Enterprise

CalcMenu Cloud Enterprise offers the added benefit of customization and flexibility. We recognize that larger culinary operations have unique and complex requirements and we are committed to provide the option to integrate custom AI tools and features specifically designed to meet your business needs.

Simply reach out to us with your request, and we will tailor CalcMenu Cloud Enterprise to offer an even more personalized and intelligent culinary management experience. With this level of customization, your enterprise isn't just leveraging technology, but actively shaping it to fit your distinct needs.

AI-Powered Features in CalcMenu Cloud

CalcMenu Cloud takes culinary management to an entirely new level by seamlessly integrating advanced AI features that are readily available for your use. From providing smart suggestions for recipe names, descriptions, and tags to effortlessly parsing recipes from any source for quick encoding, CalcMenu Cloud is designed to make your culinary tasks easier.

CalcMenu goes beyond basic recipe management- we also provide detailed recipe reports and offer improvement suggestions based on various criteria, including nutritional value, cost, and flavor profiles. We're here to make your culinary management not only more straightforward but also more insightful and efficient.

What’s more, our AI-capabilities does not stop at just recipes; it extends to enriching your customers overall dining experience through curated wine pairings, food pairings, and a wealth of other valuable information. We've even incorporated an innovative feature that can automatically create new recipes based on a range of specified criteria, adding an extra layer of convenience and creativity to your culinary endeavors.

While these features are already available for experimentation, our commitment to innovation ensures that more capabilities will be continually added. With CalcMenu Cloud, you're not just staying ahead of the curve—you're defining it.

AI-Powered Services in EGS CALCMENU Web

We offer more than just a recipe management software - we provide a comprehensive range of data-enhancing services such as data completion, improvement, and detailed reporting.

We're excited to offer you a range of AI capabilities to enhance your culinary operations! While our AI features aren't directly built into the software, they are easily accessible as specialized services.

If you're interested in harnessing the power of AI for your culinary endeavors, all you have to do is get in touch with us. When you do, we'll be more than happy to assist you in processing your data using advanced AI techniques customized to meet your specific needs.

With EGS CALCMENU Web, you're not just getting a recipe management solution; you're gaining access to a suite of AI-enabled services that are designed to take your culinary business to the next level.

Feel free to reach out,

and let's explore how AI can elevate your culinary enterprise.