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Creating and Managing Recipes for Consumer and Professional Brands

Looking for a solution to manage and organize your recipes and merchandise data?

Our advanced solution, EGS CALCMENU Web, is a highly scalable recipe software that is used across businesses as a centralized source of recipes targeted for a global reach. We specialize in modernizing the way you do recipe management to help you manage recipe costing, recipe consistency, nutritional analysis, meal planning, and supplier pricing, just to name a few.

EGS CALCMENU Web integrates and digitizes different parts of your workflows to eliminate processes-related inefficiencies.

Optimize your Recipes Online to Boost your Brand Identity

In today’s day and age, technology is at the forefront. This means that consumers are spending more time on their favorite websites, online platforms, and channels.

Consumer brands need to maintain a strong brand identity to foster and maintain their relationship with their customers. For food brands, recipe content forms a key channel for your consumers. When consumers search for recipes on brand websites they are instantly drawn to buy the brands used if the recipe is interesting.

But with legacy recipes in different places, regions, and formats, your business requires a powerful recipe software that can make the work of managing recipe data easy, fast, and convenient.

With EGS CALCMENU Web, you can create, save, edit, and manage your recipes in one place. You can easily search for recipes by merchandise, keyword, or category, to scale or add them to a menu plan. You can assign users specific roles to manage recipes, such as super administrator, creator, editor, or view-only accounts for your staff. We simplify recipe management, here are several tasks you can achieve using our solution:

  • Import Recipes
  • Add Recipes
  • Save Recipes
  • Sync Recipes
  • Organize Recipes
  • Share Recipes
  • Scale Recipes
  • Determine Recipe Nutrition
  • Generate Shopping Lists / Ingredient List
  • Create Menus and Menu Plans

You can also find recipe inspiration from our master list of recipes that come with our solution. We help you fix and standardize all your recipes no matter the file format and even help migrate all your data from existing systems. This results in improved recipes as approved by the key users or management before publishing them online.

And to help keep your consumers engaged, your content in EGS CALCMENU Web can be made available on your website or web pages through a web service, user controls, or other options that can be customized to fit your needs.

How can EGS CALCMENU Web help product sales?

Featuring your recipes online is a great way to get your products off the shelves and into your customers’ homes.

Food brands utilize consumer websites featuring recipes to engage customers and promote their products. These days, consumers are choosing healthier lifestyles and are interested in nutritional analysis and data like recipe ingredients, nutrient values, allergens, and other food information to determine their food choices and meal planning.

Our Web Service Feature offers you the convenience of creating and maintaining consumer websites and simplifying recipe syndication to mobile applications and social networking sites so you can provide your customers with quality recipes and recipe data.

Gain a competitive edge with EGS CALCMENU Web – build a strong brand identity using your recipes to promote your brand and products.

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