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Providing healthy, well-balanced, and quality meals for your patients are of the utmost importance, and we’ve got just the right solution for you. By digitizing your recipe management system, you can improve the way you provide your patients with exceptional care.

Simplify the way you create your menu plans to offer suitable food service for the nutrition needs and medical circumstances your patients require.


Hospital menu planning is a complex process that requires careful consideration. In addition to the regular menu cycle, healthcare providers have to manage the diversification of menus and the nutritional requirements of each patient.

EGS CALCMENU Web is designed to meet the unique requirements of hospitals and healthcare institutions. We give you access to top-of-the-line technology that provides with you the flexibility to prepare therapeutic diets, particularly for nutritionally vulnerable patients and residents.

Specialized Menus

Your patient population will require personalized menu items to cater to their specific health needs. For example, some treatments will require avoiding a certain food group like meat, other therapies need to include essential foods like vegetables or the removal of specific ingredients such as salt, and consider food allergies too.

Nutritional Analysis

Our solution provides an easy way for you to create quality and specialized recipes and menus with the ability to automatically calculate nutrients, as well as have a centralized monitoring system of your patients’ therapeutic diets.

Powerful Features

Our smart solution is equipped with food checking and assessment, paperless menus, food allergy screening, automated menu checking, nutrient imprinting, menu engineering, and many more advanced features to optimize your menu planning process.

Food Label Printing

Transparency, nutritional standards, and food safety are crucial in hospital menu planning, and with EGS CALCMENU Web, you can choose to use the nutritional traffic light rating system on your food items and menus or print food labels using our Food Label Assistant that can highlight information like energy, fats, added sugar, and salt values, to name a few.

Real-Time Data

Your catering staff and food service managers can also collect real-time food data that they can use to guide their decisions onsite.

Optimize your Hospital Food Production Management

Our smart recipe management system, EGS CALCMENU Web, makes your work easier. You can implement standardized procedures, portion size, and presentation of all recipes and easily share information with other team members and management once recipes are finalized and approved.

One of our advanced features, Menu Plan View, gives you access to all relevant data and the ability to display real-time content to help you plot the perfect, well-balanced meal plan with speed and ease. We make it easier for you to plan menus through our interactive visualizations that include views for allergens, keywords, nutrients, weather, pricing, healthy and sustainability, photos, and menu plan rules. This helps both patients and nursing staff in evaluating food choices. Quickly comparing different meal options is essential to ensure that the patient’s meal plan contains an adequate amount of macros and nutrients.

These are just some ways that you can improve your hospital menu planning process. At EGS, we understand your needs and the importance of how to balance patient meals for nutrition, cost, and enjoyability. Our solution provides you with all the digital tools you need to manage your kitchen and cater to the best menu choices for your patients.

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