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Modernizing your Kitchen Management System

Chefs, restaurant owners, and food service professionals who manage recipes and plan menus know that it's a time-consuming process - yet it is a crucial factor in the success of their business.

With technology at the forefront of business growth, many restaurants, hotels, and caterers are turning to software solutions to automate day-to-day administrative tasks, increase efficiency in food production processes, and achieve overall guest satisfaction.

Whether you are in the hotel, catering, or restaurant industry, we can help you integrate and digitize different parts of your workflows to eliminate processes-related inefficiencies so you can manage your kitchen efficiently and improve your business operations.

Change the Way You do Recipe and Menu Management

Don’t have the spare time to manually manage your recipes to achieve consistency and quality? Wondering how to determine the best prices to sell your food products to achieve success? Trying to find a way to reduce food waste and practice sustainability?

We’ve got exactly what you need. EGS CALCMENU Web is an advanced web-based recipe management software designed for your commercial kitchen. We specialize in modernizing the way you do recipe management to help you standardize recipes, achieve recipe consistency, determine nutritional analysis, ensure food safety measures, and simplify menu planning, just to name a few.

EGS CALCMENU Web provides you with the right tools to integrate and digitize different parts of your workflow to eliminate processes-related inefficiencies. Our central kitchen and multi-location business models allow the standardization of recipes and merchandise data to ensure consistent quality while controlling costs, creating profitable menus and menu plans, reducing food waste, producing food labels in compliance with government food laws, and much more.

Businesses like yours can centralize recipe management on one server and yet maintain the unique needs of each branch, location, or what we call “site”, should you need more than one site. Sites at different geographical locations can use and follow the standard procedures, portioning, and presentation for all your prepared foods.

Work Better, Faster, and Smarter.

Our smart recipe management system, EGS CALCMENU Web, features four main modules:



Our merchandise module is where you’ll find all the ingredients you can use. You can create and manage all your raw materials by defining the merchandise by name, number, category, unlimited number of keywords, price in different units, supplier, wastage percentages, and tax rate.

Pictures, nutrient values, and other supplementary information can also be added to the merchandise.



With this module, you’ll be able to create new recipes, find recipes, and view, edit, and save your favorite recipes.

  • A recipe contains the following details – Recipe Name, Unlimited Number of Keywords, Remarks, Category, Flexible Yield, Units (servings, portions, liters, kg, pieces), Mark-up factor (constant, gross profit, or food cost percentage), Procedures, Date of Last Update, Tax Rate, Imposed Price, Recipe Source, HACCP and other Supplementary Information.

    You can easily search for recipes using keywords and other filters. Recipes can also be used as sub-recipes in other recipes.

    Need printed recipes? We provide various templates and formats for you to choose from, or request for a custom template* to fit your specific needs.

  • Say goodbye to manually calculating food costs.

    You can easily resize the recipe (changing the yield quantity) and our software application automatically re-computes the total cost of preparation. In addition, whenever an ingredient is added or removed from a recipe, the recipe costs are automatically recalculated.

    What’s more, you can view the automatic suggested selling price based on the targeted food cost or your predefined profit margin.



Select and add your chosen recipes to create your menus - use this module to effectively manage your menus and determine your sales and cost analysis.

  • Simplify the process of sharing information and promoting your offerings with your customers. Create visually appealing eMenus using our templates and share your daily specials or event menus for banquets.

    Load your selected menus easily with ready designs and layouts, or request for a custom template* to fit your specific needs.


Menu Plan

This module enables you to organize your menus ahead of time for any given date or occasion, plan for your daily specials, share your menus with others, determine the total cost of your menus, and generate shopping lists with all the ingredients from the Menu Plan for easier purchasing.

Optimize your profit margins through Menu Forecasting. Determine your production records, workforce requirements, and allocation and scheduling decisions by evaluating your menu demand estimates.

  • MenuPlanView

    One of our advanced features, Menu Plan View**, gives you access to all relevant data and the ability to display real-time content to help you plot the perfect, well-balanced meal plan with speed and ease.

    We make it easier for you to plan menus through our interactive visualizations that include views for allergens, keywords, nutrients, weather, pricing, healthy and sustainability, photos, and menu plan rules.

More than a Kitchen Management Solution

In the quest to always deliver the best-in-class guest experience, time management and food preparation are critical components of a well-run restaurant or commercial kitchen.

Our solutions give you the proper tools so your chefs and kitchen staff can achieve more in this fast-paced environment. The head chef, sous chefs, prep cooks, line cooks, kitchen manager, and the rest of the kitchen staff need to be consistently aligned to keep back-of-house operations running smoothly.

Kiosk for CALCMENU

The Kiosk for CALCMENU comes free with your EGS CALCMENU Web license. It is a light application for kitchen staff that needs to view, share, or resize recipes. You can also use the Kiosk for CALCMENU to create shopping lists and print labels.

You can access the Kiosk for CALCMENU online anytime, anywhere, from your mobile devices and tablets.

EGS F&B Control

EGS F&B Control is a complete back-of-house system specifically designed for the food service industry to help companies reduce food costs, maximize business efficiency, and increase profitability. By optimizing inventory management, sales, and food cost variance reports, EGS F&B Control gives you total control of your business.

Your Recipe for Success

Companies operate on different models and there is no longer a “one-size-fits-all” solution that will meet the unique needs of each business.

With this in mind, we have curated personalized services as the perfect complement to our recipe management software to address your specific requirements.

Advanced Data Management Service (ADMS)*

We eliminate the tedious task of manual data entry. Save time and money by letting our data experts encode your data in EGS CALCMENU Web, using only the best industry practices and strategies by availing of our Advanced Data Management Service (ADMS).

With ADMS, your recipe ingredients and procedures are standardized, errors are minimized, and accurate recipe information in multiple languages is provided for you and your kitchen staff.

*May be subject to additional costs.

Business Process Review (BPR)*

Increasing industry competition means that businesses like yours must continuously strive to implement best practices and keep up-to-date with the latest industry innovations.

We can assist you through our various consultancy services to find the best possible software solutions and implement new technologies to optimize your operational framework.

*May be subject to additional costs.

System Integration and Interfaces*

We can integrate with a specific website or various websites to enable you to access data remotely with the goal of providing content to these sites.

Our solutions can also be linked to any ERP, SAP, supplier systems, or other software solutions. The interface manages the linking and integration of data into our recipe management software.

*May be subject to additional costs.

User Training*

When you implement a new recipe management system, investing in training is the wise choice. This contributes to the success of the migration and ensures that all users are familiar with how to use the tools to their benefit.

Achieve maximum efficiency and schedule additional online training sessions with our subject matter experts, today.

*May be subject to additional costs.

EGS CALCMENU Web is packed with intelligent features designed to make the work easier in your professional kitchen. Learn more about how our advanced solutions and services fit your business needs.

We have also applied the best systems with the highest possible benchmarks in security, performance, and reliability.

*Subject to additional charges

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