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Optimize Your Culinary Curriculum

Transform the way you deliver your curriculum using our culinary software, EGS CALCMENU Web. Designed with hotel management and culinary schools in mind, our software integrates and automates both academic and administrative functions to improve curriculum delivery and overall classroom management.

Our solution offers a wide range of advanced features for you to use as a modern teaching tool to facilitate information flow and streamline your processes.

We are a leading provider of software products and services and we work hand-in-hand with hotel management schools to train future culinary and food service professionals.

EGS CALCMENU Web is used by hotel management schools around the world. Students receive and experience an innovative curriculum thru our software, which is also used by top industries like hotel chains, restaurants, airlines, cruise lines, and more.


EGS CALCMENU Web for Academic Use

  • Knowledge and information sharing are key in any academic institution. In this day and age, technology and software solutions are a vital component of curriculums. EGS CALCMENU Web revolutionizes the way in which content is created and presented to your students preparing them for their future professions in the food service industry.

    Sharing requirements and details for recipe creation, menu costing, menu engineering, nutritional analysis, recipe procedures, production management, and food presentation, has never been this easy.

    Our solution simplifies information delivery by giving your culinary instructors or chefs the ability to share a centralized recipe database with students for them to use and follow standard methods. Professors and instructors are also given the ability to back up a database manually and restore them.

  • The digital transformation has led to the adoption of online teaching tools – EGS CALCMENU Web can be accessed online from different locations thru a website. This allows both your instructors and students anytime, anywhere access.

  • Your students are provided with their own site. They can save their working digitally on these sites to improve efficiency and efficacy. Their work is consolidated within a single program, making it easier to complete assignments and revisit them. Students can also create recipes and submit their work for review or approval.

    The 1:1 student-to-site ratio ensures that other students cannot view another’s work. Professors can also easily control the level of data access for each student.

  • Our solution makes it easy for professors and instructors to keep a visual eye on their students’ progress. They can access each student’s data to review their work either from the Kiosk for CALCMENU or from the main application, EGS CALCMENU Web.

    This function allows professors and instructors the ability to gauge their students’ individual success and performance.

The Cutting Edge of Technology

The food service industry is integrating technology into workflows and day-to-day tasks. This helps save time and money and optimize the way kitchens and businesses operate.

Educational institutions need to ensure that curriculums evolve to complement the current trends to be able to hone the new generation of executive chefs, head chefs, sous chefs, and other food service professionals. This now includes exposure and training on different culinary software solutions to create good recipes, plan menus, determine nutrition facts, and understand menu costing, sales analysis, and inventory control.

Let your students learn from your experts using our smart culinary software, EGS CALCMENU Web.

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